Machining Capacities

A Master Liner System is provided with every new Barfeed installation.

Each Master Liner System is supplied with black acetal bushings; the bushings are bored with the appropriate clearance of the bar diameter to be run, and are designed to support different bar diameters through the headstock of the lathe.

An alternative option to the Master Liner System is dedicated liners; these are supplied without bushings and the bore of the dedicated liner suits the bar diameter required.

Dedicated liners can also be supplied to suit hexagon, square, rectangular and irregular shaped profiles. The profile bar is orientated by the dedicated liner as it feeds through the headstock to align with the lathe workholding.


  • Liner fits the bore of the machine tool accurately
  • Bar is supported within the machine tool
  • Liner bridges gap between cylinder and guarding of the lathe
  • Bespoke options are available


  • Different diameter bars can be machined
  • Hexagon and irregular shaped bars are loaded in an automated fashion
  • Bar-whip is eliminated during the manufacturing process
  • Vibration is reduced
  • Quick and easy to remove

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Machining Capacities

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After a year in service we are extremely happy with not only the performance of our MSV80 servo Barfeeds, but also the superb level of friendly and attentive support afforded to us by the staff at Hydrafeed. Due to this we now look to standardise our workshop with Hydrafeed Barfeeds.

David Hambrook, Managing Director
Glenthorpe Engineering Co Ltd