Abrasive Belt Machines

Hydrafeed offer a range of Abrasive Belt Machines to suit most deburring, finishing or metal removal applications in a modern machine shop environment.

All Abrasive Belt Machines are supplied as a standalone item or with peripheral equipment such as a dust extractor, contact wheel assembly, or pedestal.

Models available:

Flexiband No 1
Flexiband No 1 is an introductory model ideal for deburring or polishing small components.

No 1 web


Flexiband No 2B
With a wider belt capacity, the Flexiband No 2B is a more robust machine, ideal for light metal removal as well as deburring operations.

No 2b web


Flexiband No 24
Flexiband No 24 is a heavy duty model, supplied with a 2hp motor and is ideal for metal removal and more substantial deburring applications.

No 24 web


Flexiband No 44
A Flexiband No 44 model is available, it has the same features as a No 24 but has a 100mm wide abrasive belt for larger components.

  Belt size Power 
Flexiband No 1  25mm wide ¾ hp single or 3 phase
Flexiband No 2B  50mm wide ¾ hp single or 3 phase
Flexiband No 24 50mm wide 2 hp 3 phase
Flexiband No 44  100mm wide 2hp 3 phase
  • Standard belt size shown is maximum capacity, narrower belts can be used.
  • Tables can be tilted, or for contact wheel applications, removed.
  • All machines are manufactured in the UK.
  • All machines are CE Certified.


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