Barrel Finishing Machines

Hydrafeed offer a full range of Barrel Finishing machines to suit most deburring or surface finish applications.

Barrel Finishers provide consistency on component deburring, surface finish and automate what is traditionally a labour intensive operation.

The entire range of barrels are lined with a durable polyurethane lining to prevent component damage during the barrelling cycle.

Models available:


The CNT is our introductory model; a floor mounted single phase cabinet that has the ability to drive either two small No 6 size barrels or alternatively one larger No 17 size barrel.

Barrel Finishing Machine


The CNS has the same capacities as the CNT model with regard to the barrels. However, the CNS comes supplied with an unloading tray to capture finished parts and compounds on a fine gauge sieve, draining away any waste liquid.

Vanco CNS Barrel Finisher


The CNST is a more robust, single HP 3 phase model, supplied with the same unloading tray as the CNS. Steel box section legs raise the cabinet to a height that enables operators to load and remove finished components easily.

The CNST has the capacity to drive either two No 17, one No 35 or one No 45 sized barrels.

CS30, CS50 and CS60

The CS range of Barrel Finishers are heavy duty models with barrel volumes of 84, 140 and 168 litres respectively.

A single HP 3 phase chain drive and geared motor ensure these Barrel Finishers operate in the most demanding conditions, providing automation on all deburring and finishing operations on large, heavy components.

All CS models are floor mounted, moving parts are safely covered by the steel cabinet enclosure. Barrels can be ‘inched’ to offer the parts loading aperture to the operator.

All CS models are provided with unloading trays capturing finished components and media.


  • Separate speed settings to suit finish required
  • Able to run more than one barrel at a time on some models
  • Low maintenance
  • Quick changeover
  • Easy operation
  • One year guarantee
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • IP65 rated
  • CE Certified
Barrel Loading Aperture Volume
Diameter x Width
Maximum load
Barrels to suit CNT Cabinet
No 6 200mm diameter 4.5 330mm x 120mm 27
No 17 140mm x 140mm 21 460mm x 255mm 68
Barrels to suit CNST Cabinet
No 35 138mm x 413mm 35 460mm x 530mm 182
No 45 160mm x 413mm 45 535mm x 535mm 182
No 17 140mm x 140mm 21 460mm x 255mm 68
Barrels to suit CS Cabinet
CS30 286mm x 135mm 84 510mm x 355mm 340
CS50 490mm x 135mm 140 510mm x 610mm 454
CS60 285mm x 135mm 168 510mm x 355mm 544

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