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Hi-Spec Engineering and the benefits of automating a 5-axis machine

July 9, 2020

Watch the video in the link below, Gavin from Hi-Spec Engineering talks about how the installation of a RoboJob Mill-Assist has benefited them. Staff have been freed-up so they can concentrate on more creative tasks; components are coming off the machine more complete – which has had a big impact on Hi-Spec’s productivity – and they have stopped having to run around setting jobs. An unexpected bonus is on employee’s health, as RSI caused by constantly doing up vices is no longer an issue.



We have various models of Hydrafeed Barfeeds including ML1, Multifeed and MSV80. We are very happy as a company with Hydrafeed products and their after-sales service.

Russell Bower, Managing Director
Lockley Bower Engineering Ltd