Specifically for medium sized and large runs
Very flexible and compact automation which was designed specifically for the loading and unloading of medium sized to large(r) batch sizes.  On one rack, the raw materials are placed, which the finished pieces are positioned on another rack.  These racks can be stacked onto one another. You can simply put them aside, so you can continue to work on the machine when you need to.

Ready for the big jobs
This solution can be used for machining work of blocks. We provide the right grippers and the correct software.

A whole range of applications
As a result of its simple concept, this automation can not only be used for large batches but also for smaller and medium-sized quantities as well. We provide you with a universal rack, a chassis on which various grid plates can be placed. For installation, we provide you with at least 1 type of loading tray but you can always order more or even make them yourself. Each loading tray has different dimensions, which are adapted to the dimensions of your workpieces. A label carrier can be provided on a rack so that you can clearly indicate which pieces are in what rack.

Reliable top quality
Thanks to the simple set-up, user-friendly operation and an excellent robot, you’re all set for years to come! The Mill-Assist Racks ensures the capacity of your CNC machine is optimally used. The Mill-Assist Racks can also be transferred to another machine later.

Machining at maximum capacity
This simple solution enables you to get the maximum out of your CNC machine. A robot loads your components directly from a “rack,” a carrier on which the rough and finished parts can be stacked or with which the one rack can be stacked above the other. The robot ensures that your machine continuously remains working further. Smart, and yet simple.

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