Specifically for small runs
Highly flexible compact automation that has been specifically developed for the loading and unloading of small and medium sized runs, for workpieces with a length up to Ø450 mm.

Fastest set-up and change-over time
Shortest proven set-up and change-over time in the market: only 5 minutes for a new component and 2 minutes for a repetitive component. Thanks to our extremely user-friendly graphic interface, specific robot knowledge is not required!

Compact, accessible and visible
The Mill-Assist Essential is the most compact loading solution on the market. Moreover you maintain a good overview of the automation and on your machine park at all times. The view is not obstructed thanks to the open set-up of the Mill-Assist, which can be set up in front of or next to the machine.

Most comprehensive standard functions
The Mill-Assist Essential offers an extremely wide range of standard functions, which increase the efficiency and flexibility of the operator and your CNC machine. With just one click, the operator can adjust the speed of the robot, adjust the clamping force of the grippers, or allow the robot to grip eccentrically. These are just a few from a long list of standard functions.

Build your own automation step by step
You can get started right away with the Mill-Assist Essential, even with complex workpieces. Moreover, thanks to our modular concept you can further expand your automation. This increases your flexibility, allows you to spread the cost in time and lets you grow your automation with it depending on your orders.

Download brochure For more detailed information including technical specifications about this product please download a brochure alternatively contact us via phone or email and a member of our team will be happy to help.
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