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RoboJob features in the January edition of PES

January 16, 2017

Hydrafeed have an advertisement and editorial in the January 2017 edition of PES magazine.  PES magazine are featuring Automation & Robotics in their January edition.

Automation and robotics is what Hydrafeed are good at.  We have an established range of Barfeeds and are also exclusive UK agents for RoboJob; automated loading and unloading systems designed to optimise productivity on both turning and milling machines.

Turn to page 37 to read the editorial ‘Lightening the load’.



We have various models of Hydrafeed Barfeeds including ML1, Multifeed and MSV80. We are very happy as a company with Hydrafeed products and their after-sales service.

Russell Bower, Managing Director
Lockley Bower Engineering Ltd