The Autofeed is an automatic magazine Barfeed designed to feed round, square or hexagonal bar lengths into fixed or sliding head CNC lathes.

It has a bar diameter range of 5-51mm and standard capacity for bar lengths to 3.2 metres, with an option of 2.5 metre or 3.8 metre models. The Autofeed comes equipped with double pushers, a support bush, touch screen controls, and a quick change guide channel. It is a robust, reliable Barfeed suitable for all types of CNC turning centres.

Standard Features

  • Universal bushing blocks
  • Dual anti-vibration bushing device
  • Remote handset
  • Sliding head option
  • Touch screen control
  • Large bar storage capacity
  • Bar remnant removal
  • Guide channel designed to reduce bar vibration


  • Run full length bars
  • Bar remnants are removed into a remnant bin on the Barfeed

Models Available







*A standard feature on the Autofeed 3-26 is the headstock synchronization coupling. This mechanically links the lathe’s headstock z-axis travel to the Barfeed pusher, to ensure synchronous movement between the bar diameter and collet.

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After a year in service we are extremely happy with not only the performance of our MSV80 servo Barfeeds, but also the superb level of friendly and attentive support afforded to us by the staff at Hydrafeed. Due to this we now look to standardise our workshop with Hydrafeed Barfeeds.

David Hambrook, Managing Director
Glenthorpe Engineering Co Ltd